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1. Please fill our form with your name, phone, email, and a description for what you like to get tattooed. Sending out recommendations for the kind of work you like make it much easier for us to comprehend your tattoo concept.

2. We can schedule a phone consult or video conference meeting to go over the whole details. We can also have an in-person meeting. 

3. After we have all the details and we know it is something we can deliver, we can move to set up your appointment.

Get a Free Consultation

Please contact us with your name, email address, phone number, and a description of your concept or tattoo idea.

Making a Deposit for your Tattoo Appointment


Be VERY CAREFUL these days while making tattoo appointment deposits. We’ve recently seen a significant surge in consumers being deceived by scammers imitating tattoo artists and seeking deposits in their name. We always prefer to receive deposits in person at our location. However, we occasionally conduct them online, with some exceptions for our loyal customers. But we sincerely value our clients and do not want them to be scammed out of their hard-earned money.

We accept all kind of digital payments and also Credit Cards. The deposit covers the expense of creating your Custom Tattoo and counts towards the total cost of your tattoo. Tattoo Appointment Cancellations or rescheduling is needed a minimum of 48 hours beforehand. Any modifications or cancellations less than 48 hours early will surrender all deposits.

Deposits are non-refundable. Please, make sure to send out an e-mail to signal the tattoo artist that you make the deposit. You can likewise call straight for even faster interactions with us at 305-481-8042.

Please remember good communication is crucial for ensuring the best possible services. Please be patient we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. 

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Tattoo Appointment FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions about tattoo appointments

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The artist invests a lot of leisure time looking into and developing your tattoo. Even when we go home after work, we still keep dealing with the research study, style, and preparing whatever for the next consultation. Without a deposit, the artist can not invest time into your style. The warranty is more than a deposit for your tattoo. It notifies the tattoo artist that you are severe about dealing with them. Your deposit is taken to compensate for the work lost that day if you DO NOT SHOW UP or DO NOT provide the needed 48-hour cancellation notification. The notice permits the tattoo artist a possibility to fill the cancellation. Disappoint up triggers the artist to lose cash. As soon as a deposit gets made, it is non-refundable.

We need an assessment before we can schedule a tattoo consultation. A conversation is an essential part of the procedure and shows the outcome of your tattoo. The conference enables you to talk about with your artist what you wish to get. The process takes about 10 to 20 minutes, depending upon the intricacy of your style.

I can complete it over the phone with I always choose, given that texting sometimes takes even days with merely one customer. We can even do one over Skype, Whats app, and Face time. Call or email us to set this up. Send a short description of what you want to get and where you want to have it done on your body.

If you have any photos, recommendations, and concepts that might assist the artist see your vision, please feel totally free to send out those to us. Send us an image of the positioning in your body where you are preparing to have the tattoo. If you have actually currently had some work in the location, that will assist in specific.

When you get a tattoo that needs numerous sittings, the deposit will be held up until the last session. You can use it on your last sitting with means you will pay only the difference. In the last sitting, we deduct the deposit from the total cost of the last section. Exceptions might use with the previous interaction if you want to utilize the deposit prior. To get a brand-new visit, we will require to retake a deposit.
Please make sure to notify it if you are preparing to utilize your deposit. We book the right to reject making use of a deposit. Often, the research study, style, and preparations of the stencil for your consultation can take up to 2 hrs or even longer, which’s far way more than the deposit you made.

In some cases, we do it at a per-hour rate. In some cases can be for a complete day rate or half-day. Whatever depends upon how intricate your tattoo is. I might select to set a flat rate; this is at my discretion if your tattoo can do in one day. Ensure all information with the artist from style to the total price before you leave a deposit. Let your artist understand the cost variety that you would like to remain in, so they can create your tattoo appropriately. Understand that some spending plans are impossible (i.e., as a complete black and grey tattoo sleeve for $500).

The response all depends upon what you’re wanting to get. Make sure to send us some photos and recommendations for your concept to have an idea of what will be working. The more information and fancier your option, the greater the expense will be. Keep in mind the old guideline, “great isn’t low-cost, and low-cost work isn’t excellent.” Regularly research studies your artist before devoting to getting a tattoo. Big custom-made tattoos and styles that need numerous settings.

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