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Joan Miami Tattoo Artist

Joan Miami Tattoo Artist Story

Joan was born in La Havana, Cuba, and he currently lives in Miami, Florida.

He started creating tattoos at the age of 18. His lifelong passion is art, and tattooing is an extension of that. After only a few years of working with family and friends, ink fanatics would travel to Cuba just for his art. They brought with them modern equipment and supplies, which allowed him to improve his designs.
At 22, he moved to Costa Rica and started working in professional tattoo shops – a new experience for him. When he arrived in the US, with his tattoo experience and equipment, Joan was able to show what he could actually do. Considered some of the best tattoo artists in Miami, and South Florida and attending tattoo conventions, he rapidly developed a local reputation for amazing work becoming one of the best miami tattoo artist.

Check Joan Miami Tattoo Artist Work

Here you can see Some of the Styles and Work we do. Feel free to Check it out!


Black and Grey Tattoo

The Black and grey tattoos style is pretty versatile too. You can use this tattooing technique pretty much to create any style. This means you can do a portrait, a Japanese, or even a traditional tattoo can be done in black and grey.

best realism tattoos near me

Realistic Tattoo

Check our gallery with some of the Realism we have done. Realistic tattoos are really popular today, they can be about almost anything. Some people get portraits of movie stars, superheroes, or any other ideas you have. When a comes to realism so much can be done.

portrait tattoo artist near me

Portrait Tattoos

Portrait tattoos may include an extensive range of designs. From animals to Superheroes, and even in color these tattoos look awesome. Check our gallery for some of the color work we have done. And, let us know if you are interested in getting some work done.

japanese tattoos near me

Japanese Tattoos

The japanese tattoos style is a very well know tattoo style. They become pretty popular in South Florida after the popular TV Shows like Miami Ink. We enjoy doing tattoos in this style. Check our page for examples

best realistic color tattoos near me

Color Tattoo

Visit our gallery of the color work we have done. Color tattoos are pretty cool, they can be about almost anything. Some people get their kids or can also be about movie stars, horror characters, superheroes, or any other ideas.

neo traditional tattoos near me miami

Traditional Tattoo

Traditional tattoos may include an extensive range of designs. From eagles, sailors, and roses to pretty much anything you can imagine. Check our gallery for some of the traditional work we have done.

Our Vision

Joan Miami Tattoo Artist prides himself on never being in a rush. We always like to take our time. Sometimes, a tattoo can be painful, but only if the artist is rushing through the work. I promise that we’ll take our time, whether it’s your first tattoo or you already have many. Choose us as your Miami tattoo artist and you be glad you did.
“A black and grey tattoo is never a problem because we love doing them. Research what you want, bring it by, and let’s see what I can do for you. You’re sure to get exactly what you want. “Even if you have no clue, stop by and let me show you what I can do and talk about what you’re passionate about.
“Check out the tattoo gallery to see what I’ve done and what I can do.”
At Joan Miami Tattoo Artist we guarantee you’ll love your tattoo, period!

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